For protective and decorative painting of radiators and central heating system made of cast iron or steel. Maximum allowed temperature of the heating medium up to + 90 ° C. Has anti-corrosion [...]

Primier Paint

Priming paint is designed for priming a variety of surfaces. Perfectly adhesive to the substrate, anti-corrosive. Matt coating provides excellent adhesion of paints and enamel used as a topcoat. [...]

Stains and Damps Spray

Designed to indoor covering of permanent stains. It can be used for mineral plaster, plasterboard, concrete, wallpaper, paper and also to well connected, with the surface, coating made of [...]

Hammer Blow Paint

A fast drying, , anti-corrosion paint in aerosol especially for metal surfaces providing a distinctive hammer effect. It is also used for coating small irregularities on the surfaces of metal, [...]

Alu-Zinc- Spray

For a protection, decoration and restoration of a coating made of galvanized steel, zinc or zinc primed with anti-corrosive paint. Used for roofs, gutters, parapets, fences, etc. In industry used [...]