Universal RADIATOR enamel

  • Intended for protective and decorative painting of radiator surfaces and elements of central heating installation made of cast iron or steel, where the maximum temperature of a heating medium does not exceed 90°C. It creates elastic coatings with high gloss.  Dry, degrease and remove rust from the surface. Shake well before use for about 1 minute and do a test spray. Apply a few thin coats from the distance of 25-30 cm. Apply next coat after 10-15 min. but wait no longer than 1 hour. It is touch dry after 2-3 hours and completely dry after 2-3 days. Provide good ventilation while painting. Recommended temperature of application: +16°C to + 25°C. Clean the nozzle after use: turn the container upside down and press the button for about 3 seconds. Storage temperature from + 5°C to + 25°C.


    Available colours: white, silver

    Coat finishing: satin

  • dust-dry 30- 60 min
    touch-dry 2-3 h
    fully-dry 72 h
    shelf life 10 years
    volume 400 ml

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