Silicone grease

High viscosity, odorless silicone grease. Creates a colorless coating with long-term resistance to oxidation and low vulnerability to vaporization. Suitable for use in both, low and high [...]

Break Anti Squal Paste

Specialist synthetic grease to use outside of braking system to ensure its correct functioning. Prevents and eliminates brake squealing that occurs between the stirrup, rubber covers and the [...]

Battery clamps protective grease

Flexible, protective grease to battery clamps. It is a special grease based on soap and high-molecular fatty acids. Protect battery clamps and all electrical connections before the onset of [...]

The long-acting grease

High quality lithium grease. It contains molybdenum disulfide and friction modifiers. Prevents from frictional wear even under extreme conditions. It creates ultrathin slip surfaces and remains [...]

Copper grease for screw connections

Multi-purpose copper paste, with compacted bentonite. Manufactured from highly refined mineral oils obtained from crude oil. Used to prevent seizure of screw connections as well as surfaces [...]

Testers for paints

We offer colour testers for ordered products. The tester may be treated as free or paid sample for the client in order to test ready-made colour on the base which will be painted. Available [...]

Mildew remover

VERSION INTENDED USE        FEATURES AVAILABLE PACKAGES WITH CHLORINE Liquid preparation with specific smell is applied to remove dirt of organic origin from construction elements such as:  [...]

Acrylic tile grout

Acrylic joint for tiles ready for application intended for quick repairs of small surfaces. It is recommended for inside application. Features: – comfortable in application – super [...]

Epoxy- joint

Intended for inside application in rooms requiring high resistance to dirt and safety in contact with food. Thanks to resistance to UV rays it is suitable for outside application. Application on [...]